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News Links, April 27, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors"
Over 40% of first-time home buyers in Canada can't afford a house without their parents' help, report suggests
Canada's Magnificent Housing Bubble Goes Nuts, Cracks
Once idealistic, crowdfunding is now an unholy hybrid of retail, investment, and risk
The "War on Cash" in 10 Spine-Chilling Quotes
The "War on Cash" Migrates to Switzerland
The Death of Cash: Could negative interest rates create an existential crisis for money itself?
If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon
Greece's governors agree to lend cash to central government
Greece Boils Over; No Rules, Just Right; German Rabbits
Up to 150,000 Bangladesh workers lost jobs after Rana Plaza safety overhaul
Nepal earthquake may devastate tourism-heavy economy
Presenting De-Dollarization In One Simple Map
Big Bank 'Crime of the Century' Results in Guess What? No Jail Time for Anyone
Central Banks Will Be Busy This Week, But Their Ability To Boost Global Business Is In Doubt
How central banks mislead on gold reserve reporting
Turkey's central bank finds itself in a pickle
When QE Leads To Deflation: A Look At The "Confounding" Global Supply Glut

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Fracturing airline alliances could signal wave of industry consolidation
Mining slowdown hits Perth Airport as charter airlines under pressure

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Philippines Urges Southeast Asia To Rally To Halt China Reclamation In Disputed Waters
Southeast Asian ministers call for South China Sea talks
Saudi-Led Air Strikes Hit Yemeni Capital, Ships Shell Aden: Residents
Islamic State takes military barracks, dam in Iraq's Anbar: sources
United States seeks access to Philippine bases as part of Asia 'pivot'
Eastern Markets Fuel Rise in Global Military Spending
Iran backs pipeline to China under 'One Belt, One Road' initiative
Clashes rage in Yemen; calls for talks grow
Putin says US helped North Caucasus separatists against Russia in the 2000s

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Freddie Gray protests turn violent in Baltimore
Thousands of coal workers march in Berlin in protest against climate tax

## Energy/resources ##
BP To Sell Off Major North Sea Asset As Part Of Survival Strategy

## Got food? ##
Food is food, whether its 'ugly' or 'pretty,' Food and Wine says

## Environment/health ##
Vanishing act: The threat of disappearing coral reefs
Minnesota declares state of emergency over bird flu
Torrential Rains Turn Deadly In Peshawar, Pakistan: At Least 35 Dead, 200 Injured
Death Toll In Nepal Earthquake Mounting Every Hour

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
German Intelligence Under Fire for NSA Cooperation

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Cash shortfall among the elderly could push Japan over the edge
Last summer the welfare ministry reported that a record number of households were receiving government assistance, and 47.1 percent of these households were made up of either elderly people only or the elderly and unmarried family members under 18. The media has been reporting for years that an increasing number of seniors are joining the welfare rolls. National pensions were never meant to cover every retiree's living expenses, but it's obvious that many are not prepared for their old age.
I've restarted my study of Chinese. -- RF

And finally...
Hillary's Banned Words

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News Links, April 25, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
ECB Buys Negative Yield Covered Bonds; Trade Guaranteed to Blow Up
Nasdaq Composite Closes At All-Time High Not Seen Since Dotcom Bubble In 2000
High Debt And Low Oil Prices Create Perfect Storm For Canadian Economy
Spain's Unemployment Rate Increases to 23.7%; 114,300 Jobs Vanish in First Quarter, Public Sector Jobs Rise
The EU's Five Worst Unemployment-Fiasco Regions?
An Austrian Province Just Requested A State Bailout
This Is What's Happening in Junk Bonds, and It's Not Pretty
The Rehypothecation of Gold, and Why It Matters
Does any nation hold the gold it says it does?
Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?
11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis
Chart Of The Day: 2015-2016 Greek Debt Maturities—–What, Whom, When (chart)
Supersaturation and Store Cannibalization: McDonald's to Close 700 Stores, 350 Already Took Place First Quarter
France declared "lost in stagnation" by economists
Governments Want to Enslave You with Digital Cash
Why Nav Sarao Had To Be Destroyed: He Found A Way To Beat The HFTs At Their Own Game

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Cheaper fuel has airlines soaring to record profits
Airlines are getting such a price break that profits are surging even though their revenue is flat or declining.
Japan lifts pilot age limit to 67 amid Asian shortage
American Airlines plans capacity cuts, tops 1st-qtr expectations
American Airlines Group Inc on Friday reported first-quarter profit above analysts' expectations and pleased investors with capacity cuts to match weakening international demand.
The Pathetic State of Airline Travel Today Was Predicted Long Ago
Allegiant Air suffers more mechanical problems than other airlines: report
Going to Bellingham to fly with Allegiant Air can save you a lot of money, but a new report commissioned by the union for the pilots could make you think twice.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ukraine Update: Not Quiet on the Eastern Front; Sanitized US News; Wakeup Call From Poland
US military instructors in eastern Ukraine combat zone – Russian military
Pentagon dismisses Moscow claim of U.S. troops in Ukraine combat zone
Islamic State offensives stretch Iraq's elite troops thin
China to deliver 50 Thunder fighters to Pakistan over 3 years
Iran's Arabian Sea Ship Convoy Heads Home Before Meeting U.S. Navy And Allies
Saudi-led airstrikes bomb Yemen's Shiite rebels in 6 cities
Iran Warned Houthis Against Yemen Takeover
Houthi Arms Bonanza Came From Saleh, Not Iran
More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, civilian death toll exceeds 550
Why Is Washington Supporting Saudi Arabia's Massacre In Yemen?
Vulnerable Frontier: Militarized Competition in Outer Space
North Korea's nuclear arsenal could be twice as big as earlier estimates
Honduran migrant provides peek into dark world of human smuggling
EU rescue ships head for Libya, as migrants die also in Balkans
Libya Only A Small Part Of The World's Refugee Problem
Satellites at risk: US seeks 'coalition of the willing' in space
Russia carries out military drills on disputed islands
Kandahar city power project in jeopardy as USAID prepares to pull plug
TTIP negotiators get an earful from American critics

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Work Tensions Rise in China, Despite Calls for Harmony
Labor disputes continued to swell in China over the first three months of this year, government data showed Friday, as slowing growth in the world's second-largest economy puts more pressure on workers.
Tensions Boil Over After Baltimore Police Call Protesters 'Lynch Mob'
Demonstrators still seeking answers over the mysterious and troubling death of Freddie Gray, who died of a spinal injury while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department, circled City Hall on Thursday after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that he had called in state troopers to help quell the protests.
Huge American Flag Protest Shuts Down Valdosta State University

## Energy/resources ##
Overview of Our Energy Modeling Problem
Russia deepens energy cooperation with Argentina
Big Hit For U.S. Oil Production In January
Half Of US Frackers Will Be Dead By Year End, Weatherford Warns
US Shale Fracklog Triples As Drillers Keep Oil From Market
Oil Patch Unemployment Is Challenge For Industry's Future
CNOOC revenue off nearly 40 percent
The uranium trade is about to go nuclear
Outlook for drilling dim amid low oil prices; Wyoming working rig count lowest since 1999

## Got food? ##
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams voluntarily recalls all frozen desserts

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
The Old Models of Work Are Broken
The only sustainable way to avoid being commoditized is to learn to create value in ways that cannot be commoditized.

## Environment/health ##
Oil And Gas Drilling Is Consuming Millions Of Acres Of US Farmland: Study
As oil and gas drilling ramps up in the central U.S. and Canada, the region is losing an increasing amount of cropland, ranches and forests to industrial activities. In recent years, huge swaths of the Great Plains have given way to well sites, oil pads, parking lots and gravel roads that service the energy industry, researchers say.
Are Oklahoma's Quakes Caused By Wastewater Disposal?
Air pollution could increase risk of dementia
North Carolina Residents Warned Not to Drink Water Near Coal Ash Dumps
Duke Energy's Coal Ash Problems Mount As North Carolina Residents Raise Fresh Concerns
New Studies Add to Growing Evidence That Notorious Pesticides Harm Bees
Bees may get hooked on nicotine-linked pesticides
Minnesota declares state of emergency over bird flu in poultry
Health of World's Ocean 'Collapsing Before Our Eyes'
Exercise Can't Save Us From Too Much Sugar In Our Diets, Say Experts

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How Tor is building a new Dark Net with help from the U.S. military
Cybersecurity A Growing Safety Issue for Oil, Gas Industrial Plants

## Propaganda ##
Lawsuit against rigged presidential debates
The Key War on Terror Propaganda Tool: Only Western Victims Are Acknowledged
Citing Iran to Justify Yemen Slaughter

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
A Field Guide to Negative Progress (The Archdruid Report)
Emergency room visits for mental health skyrocket in Chicago
The Crash of 2015: Vultures vs. Jackals
Ford recalls 390K newer cars for faulty door latches
Suzuki to recall record 1.87 million vehicles to fix smoking ignitions
"Greece Can No Longer Withstand The Waves Of Desperate People Arriving From War Zones"
On the Commodification of Human Discovery

## Japan ##
Japan Begins National Security Space Buildup
Remember I have said that national space programs will increasingly lean toward military/security purposes. -- RF
Potemkin on the Pacific—–Abenomics Is Still Failing
Tokyo finds high levels of radiation in children's park
Man turns himself in to Fukui police, saying he landed drone at Abe's office
Banks face huge losses on bonds if interest rates rise: BOJ
Loyalty to 1960s machine shows risk from Japan's aging factories
The aging of Japan's industries threatens to worsen the hollowing-out of domestic manufacturing experienced in recent decades, undermining Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to stoke an economic recovery from a recession last year. The latest signals underscore the concern: a central bank survey of companies this month indicated they plan to cut investment this year, even amid near-record holdings of cash.
Labor shortages may hamper growth of smaller businesses, government warns
Disaster-hit Tohoku areas to be asked to partially shoulder recovery costs from '16
The government is short on cash and the recovery effort is faltering, as predicted. As I've said from the start, what was destroyed will never be rebuilt. -- RF
Vanishing communities find themselves facing shortage of leaders
6 times more small debris in open ocean than coastal areas: Environment Ministry

## China ##
China April Flash HSBC PMI Contracts To One-Year Low
China's factory activity contracted at its fastest pace in a year in April, a private survey showed, suggesting that economic conditions are still deteriorating despite increasingly aggressive policy easing by the central bank.
Urban employment declines, raising hopes for stimulus
The job market in China's big cities is showing signs of worsening, raising the likelihood the government will boost spending on infrastructure and roll out other stimulus measures.
China to scrap duties on rare earth exports

## UK ##
Tony Blair, a Walking, Talking, Grinning Conflict of Interest

## US ##
Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars
Automakers are supporting provisions in copyright law that could prohibit home mechanics and car enthusiasts from repairing and modifying their own vehicles.
Alert readers will recall this article, showing that much the same thing is happening with farm tractors. (And here's another, newer article  Definitely read it.) It appears that the idea is to control everything but the steering wheel. Here's an example where complexity works for the corporations and against the people. Vehicles are now so complex that you need expensive specialized diagnostic equipment to read and interpret the data stored in a vehicle's chips. And now manufacturers are trying legal means to keep vehicle owners totally dependent on corporate maintenance regimes. For more on the implications of this, see this week's Archdruid Report, above. -- RF

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News Links, April 23, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Currency Wars Back As Russia Buys One Million Ounces of Gold in March
China's Stealth Gold Reserves To Quadruple as IMF Seek Answers
Euro-Area Debt Levels Surge to Record, Led by Greece
ECB Prepares To Sacrifice Greek Banks With 50% Collateral Haircut
After Asia's Debt Binge—–The Hangover Begins
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank's popularity setback for U.S. diplomacy
The Bankster War on Cash; JPMorganChase Begins to Prohibit the Storage of Cash in Its Safety Deposit Boxes
This Is Nuts——$5.3 Trillion Of Government Bonds Now Have Negative Yields
Get Ready For The Biggest Margin Call In History
Welcome to the 'New Mediocre' of a world drowning in debt

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
EU to launch military operations against migrant-smugglers in Libya
South East Asia accounts for 55% of the world's 54 piracy and armed robbery incidents since the start of 2015.
The US Hand in Libya's Tragedy
Some 900 Libyans may have died when their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea as they fled the barbaric chaos that the Obama administration helped unleash in Libya in 2011. Yet, the mainstream U.S. media has amnesia about the bloody American hand in this tragedy.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
UK activists protest 'shocking' detention centres
Baker Hughes cuts 10,500 from payroll
"Extreme market forces" are in play in the global energy sector, oil services company Baker Hughes said Tuesday in announcing widespread layoffs.
Statoil CEO: Cost, Carbon Emissions 'Formidable Challenges' for Industry
The global oil and gas industry's faces a 'frightening cocktail' of future challenges unless it finds a way to lower costs while transitioning to a lower carbon future, Statoil ASA CEO Elgar Saetre told attendees at the IHS CERAWeek conference Tuesday in Houston.
Half of U.S. Fracking Companies Will Be Dead or Sold This Year
Half of the 41 fracking companies operating in the U.S. will be dead or sold by year-end because of slashed spending by oil companies, an executive with Weatherford International Plc said.
What Happens To US Shale When The Easy Money Runs Out?
Today we will take a look at both Whiting Petroleum (WLL) and Continental Resources (CLR) as far as their Bakken economics. Overall the numbers will show that, despite claims of low cash costs per MBOE ($16 or so for CLR) and high IRRs on $60 WTI, the facts say otherwise. In addition, the analysis will show how very high depletion rates combined with falling rig counts spells trouble for Bakken production growth despite better efficiencies per well.
Washington State Hit With Brutal Drought
Authorities in the state that produces nearly 70 percent of U.S. apples for fresh consumption and loads of other foodstuffs have declared "drought emergencies" in 24 of its 62 watersheds—or 44 percent of the state's area.

## Propaganda ##
The West Snubs Russia over V-E Day
Last year's U.S.-backed coup in Ukraine – followed by violence and tensions – has soured plans for the May 9 commemoration in Moscow of World War II's V-E Day, the Allied defeat of Nazi Germany, a war which cost the Russian people nearly 27 million dead.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Yemen healthcare services on brink of collapse, WHO says
F35, The Jet That Ate the Pentagon
The F-35 is the most expensive weapons program in history, with a total cost of $1.5 trillion, that has turned into a total fiasco.
Although framed as a catastrophe by brain-dead growth advocates, a natural decline in population is the best thing that could happen to any country now. -- RF
Water rate hikes in works to cover costs of upgrading aging mains
Local governments are looking to raise water charges because they are financially struggling to repair or renew aged mains and other equipment.
Just imagine the scale of collapse when urban functions begin to deteriorate. -- RF

WI Republican Proposes Jim Crow Diet For The Poor
The return of the broke homeowner
Between 2006 and 2014 9.3 million homeowners were foreclosed on, received a DIL or short sold.
US Steel Warns Of Layoffs In Arkansas And Texas As Trans-Pacific Partnership Looms
San Fran housing rent up a sizzling 14.8 pct. in 12 months
Hello? 8M phone calls unanswered as IRS cut taxpayer service
U.S. Poultry Exports Fall Amid Bird Flu Scare
Nearly a third of savers have less than $1,000 for retirement
U.S. top court makes it easier for people to sue the government
9 States Running Out of Water

And finally...
Humans Score Rare Victory Over Machines As Colorado Man Executes Computer In Alley

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News Links, April 21, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Collapses: China-US Rates Hit Hard, China-Europe Rates Plunge to All-Time Low
China's Central Bank Cuts Reserve Requirement Ratio By 100 Basis Points To Combat Slowdown
When The Herd Goes Manic—–Shanghai Shows How Its Done
Denials Mount as Greece Robs Peter to Pay Paul; Shell Games and Check Kiting
Grexit Step #1: Tsipras Seizes All Public Sector Cash—–More Capital Controls Coming
Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World's Banks Are Headed for Collapse
World Ponders Life After US Hegemony
Millionaire Businessman Wins Finland Election
As Petrobras scandal spreads, economic toll mounts for Brazil
People making more on their homes than they earn at work (NZ)
"I'm still in shock," Mr Duncan said after learning how much his old property fetched. "It's just disbelief. It was an 80s house, three-bedroom do-up. Where is the market going? God help New Zealand."
China rocking the global economic boat launched 70 years ago

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Computer security expert blocked from flight after tweets
Angry Passenger Throws Hot Soup onto Flight Attendant
Unruly Passenger Causes Diversion for Germany-Bound Flight
Skymark rejects most of creditors' claims

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Electromagnetic Railgun's First at-Sea Test Set for Summer 2016
Iran: Next Battleground for Arms Deals?
China's Xi in Pakistan to cement huge infrastructure projects, submarine sales
Sales of US arms fuel the wars of Arab states
Israel: We Can Target Russian-Made Weapons
Arab Army Chiefs To Meet On Joint Military Force
Fighting, gasoline shortage intensify Yemen crisis
NATO activity near Russian borders increased by 80% – General Staff
Houthi: Saudi Goal Is Occupation of Yemen
US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons
U.S. says might talk to Iran about regional stability, cites Syria
The U.S. State Department said on Monday it might talk with Iran about promoting regional stability, noting it had been open to including Iran in past efforts to achieve a Syrian peace deal if Tehran had altered its policy.
As the U.S. Consulate in Irbil, Iraq Is Bombed, Can America Still Do Diplomacy in the Middle East?
Bombs shatter houses in Yemen capital, hit near Iran Embassy
US Begins Training Ukrainian Guardsmen Despite Russia's Concerns
El Chuyin, leader of Juarez cartel, captured in Mexico
How ISIS Became A State——The Old Fashioned Way Through Violence And Protection Rackets
A good read. -- RF
Japan, U.S. consider joint surveillance in South China Sea

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Iranians chant 'death to Israel, U.S.' during military parade
As we've seen here, Iranians have plenty to hate the US and its allies for. -- RF
South Africa's 'Rainbow Nation' turns dark as immigrant attacks rise
Labor unrest disrupts transport services in Portugal as unions fight reforms, sell-offs
'Stop TTIP': Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands
The inequality bubble is accelerating, worse than '29, even 1789

## Energy/resources ##
Why Nuclear Power Is All but Dead in the U.S.
Canadian oil and gas firms 'bleeding money' amidst darkest outlook in a decade
Tackling the Skills Shortage Challenge in the Oil, Gas Industry
A happy customer: China invested $21 billion in Iran's oil sector
Three Reasons Oil Will Continue to Run the World
The Chilling Thing Blackstone Said about the Oil Bust
Costs for Germany's nuclear exit could rise to 70 bln euros
The bill for shutting down Germany's nuclear power plants and building a safe disposal site for nuclear waste could rise to 70 billion euros, the head of a government commission told daily Frankfurter Rundschau in an interview.
The costs will certainly be much greater than €70 billion. -- RF
Do Biofuels Still Have A Place In The Global Energy Mix?
Less than a decade ago, biofuels were set to take the energy world by storm. They promised a low-carbon alternative to gasoline, while advances in algae technology were taking biofuels beyond the traditional soybeans and corn. In 2015, the contrast could not be starker.
Halliburton Warns Of Weakness In N. America, International Operations
South Africa's power utility to cut 1,000 MW of electricity on Monday

## Got food? ##
Almonds get roasted in debate over California water use
Sacramento Valley rice farmers say they will grow less due to drought
Shoppers should brace for higher food prices, driven by beef and pork (Canada)
Crickets Are Not a Free Lunch, Protein Conversion Rates May Be Overestimated
6 simple tricks to nix food waste at home

## Environment/health ##
Excellent: How to Free the Soil by Depaving
Monsanto seeks retraction for report linking herbicide to cancer
Mysterious disease that kills patients within 24 hours leaves at least 18 dead in Nigeria
Wedge of warm seawater known as 'the blob' blamed for marine havoc
Worldwide electronic waste worth $52 billion; 60 percent household appliances
A veil of secrecy shields hospitals where outbreaks occur
California's New Drought Rules Would Require Cuts of Up to 36%
U.S., China top dumping of electronic waste; little recycled
Yangtze pollution pushes Chinese sturgeon to brink of extinction
As Lake Mead Levels Drop, The West Braces For Bigger Drought Impact
Climate change: can the Seneca collapse save us?
Breast cancer cases may grow by 50 percent by 2030

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Advertisers are looking inside your brain: Neuromarketing is here and it knows what you want
An alarming new way to steal your passwords
Meet Cyber P3 – The U.S. Military's Public-Private Partnership to Create Corporate/Government "Cyber Soldiers"
NSA Chief: Rules of War Apply to Cyberwar, Too

## Propaganda ##
BuzzFeed has deleted over 1,000 articles, three due to advertiser complaints
A Fact-Resistant 'Group Think' on Syria
CBS News' anchor Scott Pelley is known for his clueless journalism which never goes beyond Official Washington's "group think" – and he was at it again in a dangerously provocative "60 Minutes" segment on the sarin gas attack near Damascus, Syria.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Mediterranean Becomes Mass Grave as Europe Struggles With Migrant Crisis
BMW recalls 91,800 Mini Coopers to fix air-bag sensor
Disrupt or Be Disrupted
The Decline and Fall of the United States
Humanitarian Crises Mount With Fighting Across Iraq

## Japan ##
In Japan, schools so small they can't even form soccer teams resist the ax
Japan to require parliamentary consent for international missions
Japan's ruling coalition has agreed to require advance parliamentary approval for providing logistical support to foreign militaries under new security legislation, resolving a major sticking point and moving closer to wrapping up the debate.
Japan white goods shipments fell 12.2 percent in fiscal 2014
In security shift, Japan eyes equal partnership with U.S.
Abe breaking arms taboo with Japan's first defense trade show
Japan will host its first international defense trade show next month, underscoring Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's bid to loosen the shackles of its postwar pacifist Constitution amid territorial tensions with an increasingly assertive China.
McDonald's Japan to close 131 outlets
Child poverty panel launched

## China ##
China Floats QE Trial Balloon, PBoC May Launch LTROs
China's Latest RRR Cut To Help Maintain Stable Liquidity: People's Daily
Why China's RRR cut reeks of desperation
Automotive industry's profits take a tumble
Almost one-fifth of the automakers and spare parts producers in China were in the red, a 7 percentage point increase, according to the data.
China aims to make RMB more freely usable
Does the Collapse of a Chinese Developer Signal the Start of More Defaults?
Over 100,000 officials reprimanded so far in China's austerity crackdown

## UK ##
Children to receive free vitamins as lack of direct sunlight causes rise in rickets cases
Energy companies' fuel reserves contain five times the amount of carbon dioxide that can be safely burned, report says
442 Mental Health Experts Call for an End to Austerity
Yes indeed, austerity sucks. But I still say that it's the wave of the future. -- RF

## US ##
Chicago on the ropes: Credit Swap Event Triggers for Chicago Schools: Out of Cash in 30 Days, Cooking the Books to Oblivion: Rauner Ponders Bankruptcy; Emanuel Out to Destroy Middle Class
American Justice – FBI Lab Overstated Forensic Hair Matches in 95% of Cases, Including 32 Death Sentences
Another Reason To Move Away From California: 'Conditions Are Like A Third-World Country'
Student debt now makes up nearly half of federally owned financial assets
The student debt epidemic is spiraling out of control and the public is becoming more aware of the situation.  $1.3 trillion in student debt is now outstanding.  This is already a problem with nearly one out of three loans in repayment already in some form of delinquency.
Officer Charged in Beating of Man, Floyd Dent, During Traffic Stop
US Military Spending Still Up 45% Over Pre-9/11 Levels; More Than Next 7 Countries Combined

Sunday, April 19, 2015


News Links, April 19, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Signs the market is girding for a Greek default, in 4 charts
Another 5.27 Billion in Capital Flight from Greece in March
Greek bond yields soar as debt default fears swell
Greece scrapes bottom of barrel in hunt for cash to stay afloat
Australia Runs out of Luck, Now Needs a Miracle
Australia, you have officially run out of luck. While leveraged property investors in Sydney and Melbourne are desperately hunting for a senseless "net-yield" that makes the yield on a German 2-year bund look rewarding, the Australian mining sector is screaming towards what may be one of the greatest and colossal economic breakdowns in modern Western history.
Huge Trouble Is Percolating Just Under The Surface Of The Global Economy
China sets up coordinating group for modern Silk Road
Wal-Mart cutting layer of management in stores: Bloomberg
The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun
This Pattern Signaled The Last Two Crashes—-And It Just Happened Again
Wall Street falls steeply with China, Greece fears paramount
U.S. Airlines Shift to Smaller Jets for Many Domestic Flights
US-led finance at crossroads: AIIB steals show at G-20 as IMF criticized

## Airline Death Spiral ##
After Alps crash, some experts ponder flights without pilots
'Mindful' things: Airlines aim for friendlier skies
Vietnam mulls rule to discourage pilots from quitting job
Germanwings crash reveals industry's failure to address pilot suicide
US airlines accused of hypocrisy in subsidy debate
A meager lifestyle for workers who cater to the high-flying
Government support to the airline industry is common
The jumbo jet faces a make or break year at Boeing, Airbus

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ethiopians talk of violent intimidation as their land is earmarked for foreign investors
China Begins Construction Of Aircraft Runway On Disputed Spratly Islands: Report
More combat ships on way from European shipyards
U.S. fails to stem flow of illegal firearms to Mexico
Islamic State proves resilient, presses attack in Iraq's Ramadi, Baiji
US Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine, Train National Guard Soldiers To Fight Pro-Russian Rebels
Why The Odds Of A U.S.-Russia Military Collision Over Ukraine Are Rising
Kiev's Reign Of Repression And Death
There seems to be a "suicide" epidemic afflicting opponents of the current Ukrainian government – eight opposition politicians and two journalists have mysteriously died since the beginning of the year.
How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust
Pundit Thomas Friedman says the new Ukraine regime "shares our values" but – as much of the world marked the 70th anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust finally being ended by Russian and U.S. armies – politicians in Kiev were busy honoring Ukraine's Nazi collaborators.
Italian Navy Retakes Fishing Trawler From Suspected Pirates Near Libya In Mediterranean Sea
Beyond Blackwater Massacre, Renewed Concern Over Rise of Mercenary Armies
As Yemen Spirals Further into Chaos, UN Urges Humanitarian Relief
World Bank-Funded Projects Fueling Land Grabs, Displacement of Global Poor
Three dead in drug cartel gunfight, riot in Mexican border city
Russia's Putin Says Ready To Work With United States: TV
Vladimir Putin Raises Concerns Over Israel's Plans To Give Weapons To Ukraine
Bill to revise 'emergency-at-periphery' law aims at enforcement of Japan-U.S. security pact
Heavy clashes in central district, suburb of Tripoli
Making Unnecessary Enemies in Yemen
The Saudi-Israeli tandem is trying to pull the U.S. and other militaries into the Yemeni civil war by arguing that the Houthi rebels are Iranian proxies. But the reality is much more nuanced and the American interest may go in a different direction.
China Readies $46 Billion for Pakistan Trade Route

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands March Against Spain's Anti-Protest Laws in the World's First Hologram Protest (Video)
Anti-immigrant unrest hits South Africa as Zuma condemns violence
U.S. fast-food workers mark Tax Day demanding higher wages
Illinois Man Commits Suicide in Front of U.S. Capitol Holding a "Tax the 1%" Sign
Clowns Brawl With Protesters Under Circus Big Top in San Bernardino
Thousands in Germany protest against Europe-U.S. trade deal
China complains Japan's air, sea surveillance raises safety risks
Protesters, police clash in Seoul amid ferry disaster memorials

## Energy/resources ##
Schlumberger profit falls 39%; cuts 11,000 jobs
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
Europe to draw up energy crisis contingency plans
Canadian oil producers' profit poised to tumble to decade low
South Africa power cuts persist, utility races to fix plants
Blackout-hit South Africa parachutes in expert to fix utility Eskom
Massive blackout hits Macau
Are fossil fuels about to become extinct?
Gambia hit by water, electricity crunch
Mindanao's power woes may persist until end of summer
Electricity rationing unlikely to affect homes: MOEA (Taiwan)
The Inconvenient Truth About A Green Revolution
Oil Prices Taking Their Toll On North Dakota Production
Has The Bakken Peaked?
The EIA Is Bizarrely Optimistic About Future US Oil Production
Indian delegation to visit Iran to discuss oil deals - sources
New UK nuclear plants under threat as 'serious anomaly' with model found in France
Insolvency-Related Implications for the Oil and Gas Industry in the US

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
The Value of Learning To Cook

## Environment/health ##
Secrecy shrouds decade-old oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
An Associated Press investigation has revealed evidence that the spill is far worse than what Taylor - or the government - have publicly reported during their secretive, and costly, effort to halt the leak.
Five years after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, wildlife is still struggling
BP Oil Spill: Louisiana Wetland Loss Is Speeding Up Due To Crude From Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Dwindling bird populations in Fukushima

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists
Syrian Rebels Caught in 'False-Flag' Kidnapping
In August 2013, when the U.S. government almost went to war in Syria over a Sarin attack, suspicions that it was a rebel "false-flag" were ridiculed. But new disclosures about a rebel role in kidnapping NBC's Richard Engel several months earlier show the rebels knew such propaganda tricks.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Retro Future (The Archdruid Report)
Increasingly, it's the military/police vs. the hoi polloi. -- RF

## Japan ##
How Wall Street Is Exporting Toxic Junk Loan Waste To Yield-Starved Japan
Summons of Japanese media raises complaints of interference
Japan's ruling party summoned executives from two leading television networks Friday, the latest in a series of actions that opponents say endanger press freedom and intimidate the media.

## China ##

## US ##
Prisoners Inside America's Raging Storm
America's obsession with meting out long prison sentences for drug offenses and various non-violent crimes has produced a vast population locked inside a prison-industrial complex and assigned to work for pennies an hour.
Students in debt and professors barely getting by all the while tuition soars.

## Hillary Clinton ##

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